4561. Hot Tea From Candice 4/4/2009
4562. Something New 4/4/2009
4563. The Sounds Of Summer 4/4/2009
4564. Another Poetess Comes Along 4/5/2009
4565. At This Moment 4/7/2009
4566. I Like Your Silence For The Past Few Days 4/7/2009
4567. You Think That I Am Hurt? 4/7/2009
4568. Cold 4/8/2009
4569. Contemplation 4/8/2009
4570. Essence, Essence, Essence 4/14/2009
4571. A Windless Night 4/14/2009
4572. Existence First, Then Essence 4/14/2009
4573. At The Wildlife Park 4/15/2009
4574. The Phenomenology Of The Sparrow 4/15/2009
4575. The Phenomenology Of Giving 4/15/2009
4576. Today I Try To Pick Up The Shattered Pieces 4/15/2009
4577. The Cream Of The Crop Of Worriers 4/15/2009
4578. What Is Your Name? 4/15/2009
4579. Do You Really Like A Free Meal? 4/15/2009
4580. A Free Meal? 4/15/2009
4581. Words That Need Not Be Spoken 4/15/2009
4582. My Creator 4/15/2009
4583. The Words Still Unspoken 4/15/2009
4584. Falling From A Cliff 4/15/2009
4585. The Worms 4/15/2009
4586. At The Center Of My Being 4/15/2009
4587. A Political Theory 4/20/2009
4588. Pornographic 4/20/2009
4589. A Life That Is Full 4/21/2009
4590. A Season For Sowing 4/21/2009
4591. Some Things Do Not Meet 4/21/2009
4592. Drifting 4/21/2009
4593. The Scheme 4/21/2009
4594. Still Dark Like The One Last Night 4/21/2009
4595. So Weary And So Dedicated Sleeping 4/21/2009
4596. I May Blend With The Red Sky Again 4/21/2009
4597. It Shall Become The Hit Song Tomorrow 4/21/2009
4598. In My Silence I Am Breaking 4/21/2009
4599. To Be Real I Have To Be Nasty Sometimes 4/21/2009
4600. So You Will Know Where You Will End 4/21/2009

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Best Poem of RIC S. BASTASA

This Country Is Ours, The Philippines, For You Brother Pinoy

And we shall not leave
This country we shall build

Because it is ours
Throughout the golden hours

Here we belong
For quite long

Our great forefather
Was buried here

And though in poverty
We must stay

As we enjoy what we have
Under the sun we love

The coolness of the moon
We all swoon and don

We shall be proud as a tree
We enjoy our liberty

We shall live we shall die
There is no reason to cry

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Fiesta De La Vida

Hey amigas
Viva la vida
Fiesta la vida
Cantandos amigos
Viva la vida

Dance, dance
Sway your hands
Touch the ceiling

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