7641. The Harmony Of Sorrow And Joy 6/16/2014
7642. Where The Crowd Eats Some Parts Of You 6/16/2014
7643. There Are People Who Tread Upon The Sands Of This World Leaving No Footsteps 6/16/2014
7644. Silence Is A Form Of Vindication 6/21/2014
7645. The Dislike Is Mutual 6/21/2014
7646. As You Sit In One Lousy Corner 6/21/2014
7647. Without You What Are Dreams? 6/21/2014
7648. Wait For Years Before You Pass A Place Again 6/21/2014
7649. A Beautiful Language Is Evasive 6/21/2014
7650. When You Cut The Branch Of Lust 6/21/2014
7651. Nostalgia (Revisited) 6/21/2014
7652. Your Hands Have Become Adept At Doing It Until Your Arms Begin To Feel Its Skill As Art 6/21/2014
7653. We Lose Sight Of The Face Of The Blue Clouds 6/21/2014
7654. A Wondering Soul 6/23/2014
7655. The Phenominal Loneliness 6/23/2014
7656. Those Lips 7/3/2014
7657. The Black Stone Of My Being 7/3/2014
7658. I Can Take Things Barefooted 7/3/2014
7659. The Guest Of Our House 7/3/2014
7660. The Places And The Topics Discussed 7/6/2014
7661. The Suitor And The Spinster 7/6/2014
7662. A Sonorous Morning 7/6/2014
7663. My Hands To The Sky 7/6/2014
7664. The Hush Of That Old Wind 7/6/2014
7665. When Things Which Should Have Been Simple Become Too Complicated 7/7/2014
7666. Stone To Stone. Silence To Silence. 7/7/2014
7667. But The Feeling Beneath The Word 7/7/2014
7668. Where Nothing Important Is Written. 7/7/2014
7669. The Amor Secos. 7/7/2014
7670. Another God..... 7/7/2014
7671. Mistaken...... 7/14/2014
7672. An Ailing Wind 7/14/2014
7673. And They Will Love You For It 7/14/2014
7674. That Old Streetcar Already Named Desire 7/14/2014
7675. Sharing A Cup Of Civet Voffee 7/14/2014
7676. The Truth About Your Fiction 7/20/2014
7677. The Value Of Each Present Moment 7/20/2014
7678. Then We Have Changed From Quizzical To A Certainty 7/26/2014
7679. What Does Hope Tell You? 7/26/2014
7680. A Song Of Death 7/27/2014

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Best Poem of RIC S. BASTASA

' The Last Dance Of Your Life '


you don't really have to mind
what power do you have for it

when it comes
it comes
none can prevent it
from sitting beside you

the doctors are honest
and sometimes
too stupid to give you a promise
for another extension of

a hope that poisons the mind instead
and makes
our recent stand rigid and

for those who have seen the light
on one hand
sees death as
a welcome experience
in fact a festivity
another coming experience
another full moon
at the bay

another ...

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A red hibiscus that blooms
In the morning
Closes, wilts, in the afternoon,
You expect another one of its kind tomorrow,
A china rose,
Your night life,
At the outdoor café, sitting on light fabricated
Silver chairs, sipping tea, puffing smoke, sipping
Margarita, gazing

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