9001. Another Smile To Remember 9/13/2010
9002. Threads 9/14/2010
9003. Messing 9/14/2010
9004. The Dead Parents And The Prodigal Sons 9/14/2010
9005. Blue Birds 9/14/2010
9006. When You Are Sleeping 9/14/2010
9007. Destiny And The Impossible 9/14/2010
9008. The Hardheaded Young Poet 9/14/2010
9009. To Soar Again 9/14/2010
9010. The Secrets That You Keep 9/14/2010
9011. The Promise Of The Past 9/15/2010
9012. One Last Wish 9/15/2010
9013. One Last Question 9/15/2010
9014. Clipped Wings 9/15/2010
9015. The Tryst 9/15/2010
9016. My Hands Must Be Magical 9/15/2010
9017. What Do I Want From You? 9/15/2010
9018. Relearning 9/15/2010
9019. Imati Ili Biti? 9/15/2010
9020. .ja Sam Tek Danas Ovo Otvorila 9/15/2010
9021. True Love? Is There A Need? 9/15/2010
9022. Shooting Stars 9/16/2010
9023. Time Makes Trust Thinner 9/16/2010
9024. To A Wife Who Is Taking Things For Granted 9/16/2010
9025. To Save A Marriage 9/16/2010
9026. Inside My Own Nook 9/16/2010
9027. Imagination And Survival 9/16/2010
9028. It Is This Freedom 9/16/2010
9029. A Little Thought Of You 9/16/2010
9030. If You Only Know How I Feel 9/16/2010
9031. In Bold Strokes 9/16/2010
9032. Who And What We Are And What We Do 9/16/2010
9033. A Little Imagination Of Where I Am Heading 9/16/2010
9034. Do Not Look Back I Said 9/16/2010
9035. After The Slow Slipping Of Self 9/16/2010
9036. A Choice Of What Shall I Be Later 9/16/2010
9037. Shall I Tell You That Once We Were Broken And Unconnected Pieces? 9/16/2010
9038. Do Not Ask Me 9/16/2010
9039. This Is All About Us, Our Beings Lost, Dissipated 9/16/2010
9040. A Variation Of The Day To Day Routine 9/16/2010

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This Country Is Ours, The Philippines, For You Brother Pinoy

And we shall not leave
This country we shall build

Because it is ours
Throughout the golden hours

Here we belong
For quite long

Our great forefather
Was buried here

And though in poverty
We must stay

As we enjoy what we have
Under the sun we love

The coolness of the moon
We all swoon and don

We shall be proud as a tree
We enjoy our liberty

We shall live we shall die
There is no reason to cry

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Fiesta De La Vida

Hey amigas
Viva la vida
Fiesta la vida
Cantandos amigos
Viva la vida

Dance, dance
Sway your hands
Touch the ceiling

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