9361. I Once Wrote About The Bees And The Beehive 8/14/2008
9362. How The Leaves Are Blown By The Wind 8/14/2008
9363. What? Just What Do You Really Mean. Tell Me. 8/15/2008
9364. Two Lovers 8/15/2008
9365. Wasting My Time 8/15/2008
9366. What Is It That Makes Us Stop To Love? 8/15/2008
9367. 4: 39 A.M. 8/15/2008
9368. The Problem 8/15/2008
9369. What I Am To You 8/15/2008
9370. The Words That I Have Not Written 8/16/2008
9371. Back Off 8/16/2008
9372. The Sounds Of Sunday 8/16/2008
9373. Some Reasons Why The Dog Is Chasing Its Own Tail 8/16/2008
9374. From The Bathtub To The Ocean 8/16/2008
9375. Gospel For The Day 8/16/2008
9376. Fear Of Flying 8/17/2008
9377. The Fear Of Loving 8/17/2008
9378. We Keep You Going 8/17/2008
9379. The Flowers In Her Garden 8/17/2008
9380. When We Visit Him 8/17/2008
9381. Clouds Begin To Hang On The Dryland 8/17/2008
9382. This Early Morning 8/17/2008
9383. The Eyebrows 8/10/2008
9384. In Prayer 8/10/2008
9385. A Contrast 8/10/2008
9386. The Brown Out And The Brown Barking Dog 8/10/2008
9387. Come To Me And Be My Morning Sunshine 8/10/2008
9388. Freud And Marriage 8/10/2008
9389. Yes Tony You Are Right 8/10/2008
9390. Do You Like My Verse? 8/10/2008
9391. Goodnight Adria 8/10/2008
9392. Reading Mahmoud Today 8/11/2008
9393. For The Injuries That Our Fellowmen Have Inflicted 8/11/2008
9394. Welcome Back 8/11/2008
9395. Life Is What We Make It, You Are Saying That Again 8/11/2008
9396. I Have Taken Your Slice Of Bread 8/11/2008
9397. 8: 45 P.M. 8/11/2008
9398. On That Same Hour Of The Night 8/11/2008
9399. Brother Do Not Say I Am Sorry 8/11/2008
9400. He And She 8/11/2008
Best Poem of RIC S. BASTASA

This Country Is Ours, The Philippines, For You Brother Pinoy

And we shall not leave
This country we shall build

Because it is ours
Throughout the golden hours

Here we belong
For quite long

Our great forefather
Was buried here

And though in poverty
We must stay

As we enjoy what we have
Under the sun we love

The coolness of the moon
We all swoon and don

We shall be proud as a tree
We enjoy our liberty

We shall live we shall die
There is no reason to cry

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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
Catch an Arab by the toe
If he bombs you let him go,
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
Catch a Bush by the toe
If he bombs you too let him go,
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

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