12841. About Every Morning Writings.... 7/14/2012
12842. The Old Wisdom Of Grandma Oris 7/16/2012
12843. The Wish To Change Your Lifestyle 7/16/2012
12844. What We Should Have Forgotten 7/17/2012
12845. From Womb To Womb 7/17/2012
12846. Amantes Sunt Amentes 7/16/2012
12847. For Those Who Remain Alive 7/16/2012
12848. Overflowing Manifestations 7/17/2012
12849. A Romantic Place In July 7/16/2012
12850. Marivic, The Fine Lady Of Jose Dalman 7/16/2012
12851. Hard Habits Do Not Really Change 7/16/2012
12852. What Is It And What Caused It 7/16/2012
12853. The Old Man Who Comes Back To His Old Hometown 7/18/2012
12854. Some Notes For My Being 7/18/2012
12855. Remote And Unconnected, But You Can Assemble Them Yourself 7/16/2012
12856. The Rules Of Their Games Must Be Yours Too 7/15/2012
12857. Notes From Brigs 7/19/2012
12858. A Little Treatise On Writing 7/14/2012
12859. The Emptiness That Eats Poems, And Yet Still Hungry 7/15/2012
12860. It Is Dawn That Tells The Truth 7/15/2012
12861. Emptiness Is Both An Illusion And An Irony 7/15/2012
12862. A Rural View Of My Village 7/15/2012
12863. The Self-Preservation Instinct Of Poetry 7/16/2012
12864. Amo Ut Invenio 7/16/2012
12865. To A Friend That I Have Only Felt 7/17/2012
12866. Be Ready, It Is Coming 7/16/2012
12867. For Those That I Shall Not Ask Forgiveness 7/17/2012
12868. I Am Human...... 7/8/2012
12869. Who Can Take This Longing? 7/8/2012
12870. The Story Of The Sharp Tongue 7/8/2012
12871. Notes From Sergs.... 7/19/2012
12872. Into The Tunnel Of Fantasy 7/19/2012
12873. A Bright And Happy Day For Me 7/19/2012
12874. The Little Boy In My Hometown 7/19/2012
12875. The Moon And Us 7/19/2012
12876. When Love Ends 7/19/2012
12877. L1,7.22 7/22/2012
12878. L2,7,22 7/22/2012
12879. L3,212 7/22/2012
12880. L7,212 7/22/2012
Best Poem of RIC S. BASTASA

' The Last Dance Of Your Life '


you don't really have to mind
what power do you have for it

when it comes
it comes
none can prevent it
from sitting beside you

the doctors are honest
and sometimes
too stupid to give you a promise
for another extension of

a hope that poisons the mind instead
and makes
our recent stand rigid and

for those who have seen the light
on one hand
sees death as
a welcome experience
in fact a festivity
another coming experience
another full moon
at the bay

another ...

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Feeling Lousy

Feeling lousy is seeing this lady laughing
She does her thing with confidence like she
Knows everything; what to do with this
Matter called
She knows her place and claims it as hers,
She tells you, you are never like her doing so well
In fame,
Glory, and

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