15561. A View Of The Old Farm That Father Left Us... 12/20/2015
15562. Tell Me Please Tell Me. 12/20/2015
15563. He Left You Finally.... 12/21/2015
15564. Leaving At The Final Moment.... 12/21/2015
15565. The Disturbing Poem, To A Woman... 12/21/2015
15566. The Fruit Of His Vine 12/24/2015
15567. Goodness For Goodness Sake 12/24/2015
15568. Proclaiming Independence 12/24/2015
15569. Flowing Rivers 12/24/2015
15570. Merry Christmas Cindy 12/24/2015
15571. Of Dogs And Men And Christmas Traditions 12/24/2015
15572. A Note Of The Past Poem 12/25/2015
15573. Nearing Sixty 12/25/2015
15574. Other People Have Become Hell As You Defined It 12/25/2015
15575. Without Much Fuss... 12/25/2015
15576. A Closed Mouth A Closed Set Of Eyes. 12/25/2015
15577. What Is New And Tougher 12/25/2015
15578. The Goat..... 12/25/2015
15579. This Surprise.... 12/25/2015
15580. This Surprise....(2) 12/25/2015
15581. You Are Gone For Good And I Yet Have To See Your Wings... 12/25/2015
15582. Indecisive..... 12/25/2015
15583. The End Of The Love Team... 12/26/2015
15584. If We Cannot Be Happy Too At Least, Tonight We Are All Drunk. 12/26/2015
15585. The Best Picture At The Reunion 12/26/2015
15586. Water...... 12/26/2015
15587. That Aim For Success.... 12/27/2015
15588. Now You Cannot Find Us Anymore... 12/27/2015
15589. Destiny.... 12/27/2015
15590. Blindly Underneath Carrying All Its Own Weight. 12/27/2015
15591. Putting All Creativity In Cessation. 12/27/2015
15592. A Decision.... 12/27/2015
15593. The Insomniac.... 12/27/2015
15594. Revising Kobayashi.... 12/27/2015
15595. Issa's Nap.... 12/27/2015
15596. Life As An Office Worker.... 12/27/2015
15597. Self-Inflicted Pain 12/27/2015
15598. Walk The Moment Enjoy The Talk. 12/27/2015
15599. Modern City Romance.... 12/27/2015
15600. The Way You Have Taught Us A Lesson... 12/28/2015

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Best Poem of RIC S. BASTASA

This Country Is Ours, The Philippines, For You Brother Pinoy

And we shall not leave
This country we shall build

Because it is ours
Throughout the golden hours

Here we belong
For quite long

Our great forefather
Was buried here

And though in poverty
We must stay

As we enjoy what we have
Under the sun we love

The coolness of the moon
We all swoon and don

We shall be proud as a tree
We enjoy our liberty

We shall live we shall die
There is no reason to cry

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Feeling Lousy

Feeling lousy is seeing this lady laughing
She does her thing with confidence like she
Knows everything; what to do with this
Matter called
She knows her place and claims it as hers,
She tells you, you are never like her doing so well
In fame,
Glory, and

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