16121. Pre-Menopausal Drama 6/9/2010
16122. For R. From Emma 6/9/2010
16123. It Is Not The Backhoe 6/9/2010
16124. The Passion 6/9/2010
16125. Three Things 6/9/2010
16126. The First Rain 6/9/2010
16127. Listening To Mozart Looking Over The Window Of The House 6/9/2010
16128. Mozart On My Ribs 6/9/2010
16129. A Food Called Cesarini 6/8/2010
16130. For Simone 6/8/2010
16131. Those Gloria Days 6/8/2010
16132. The Last Donkey 6/8/2010
16133. When A Friend Goes Away.... 6/8/2010
16134. A Part Of Kunwari 6/8/2010
16135. The Ugly Duck's Independence 6/8/2010
16136. In The Arms Of God 6/8/2010
16137. The Bottle Of Wine And The Wife 6/8/2010
16138. God Is Not Alone 6/8/2010
16139. Colors Of The Stones 6/10/2010
16140. Like Dogs 6/10/2010
16141. Sprouting As A Phoenix By Em 6/10/2010
16142. Zipless Reunion By Emma Z. 6/10/2010
16143. Defeats Of The Flesh By Emma Z. 6/10/2010
16144. Nipple By Emma Z. 6/10/2010
16145. A Man By Emma Z. 6/10/2010
16146. Rose On His Lips By Emma Z. 6/10/2010
16147. A Record Of Betrayals By Emma Z. 6/10/2010
16148. Work In The Room 6/10/2010
16149. The Muscles 6/10/2010
16150. Two Beliefs 6/10/2010
16151. Friends Do Not Die 6/10/2010
16152. Dianne, Mercy And John 6/10/2010
16153. A Black Cat, A Woman And A Shadow 6/10/2010
16154. Inside The Lonely Train 6/10/2010
16155. The Simplicity Of Nature 6/10/2010
16156. What Is 'It'? 6/10/2010
16157. Now, Who's To Blame? 6/10/2010
16158. I Am About To Sleep 6/10/2010
16159. Blue Pastel Stills 6/11/2010
16160. Your Poise 6/11/2010

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Best Poem of RIC S. BASTASA

' The Last Dance Of Your Life '


you don't really have to mind
what power do you have for it

when it comes
it comes
none can prevent it
from sitting beside you

the doctors are honest
and sometimes
too stupid to give you a promise
for another extension of

a hope that poisons the mind instead
and makes
our recent stand rigid and

for those who have seen the light
on one hand
sees death as
a welcome experience
in fact a festivity
another coming experience
another full moon
at the bay

another ...

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A red hibiscus that blooms
In the morning
Closes, wilts, in the afternoon,
You expect another one of its kind tomorrow,
A china rose,
Your night life,
At the outdoor café, sitting on light fabricated
Silver chairs, sipping tea, puffing smoke, sipping
Margarita, gazing

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