1721. We Filipinos Have Also Our Own Nationalistic Pride 8/24/2008
1722. Inside A Cage 8/25/2008
1723. Let Us Seed This Earth 8/25/2008
1724. When We Made Love This Morning 8/25/2008
1725. An Independent Woman 8/25/2008
1726. Business Is Good 8/25/2008
1727. I Am Tired 8/26/2008
1728. I Am Interactive 8/26/2008
1729. Sometimes It Must Be Me Who Must Say: Sorry 8/26/2008
1730. If Given The Chance 8/26/2008
1731. Turtles And Rabbits 8/27/2008
1732. Yes You May Paint My World 8/27/2008
1733. Catch Me I Am Yours 8/27/2008
1734. At The Crossroads 8/27/2008
1735. Sketching My Face From A Mirror 8/27/2008
1736. Chatting With A Friend 8/27/2008
1737. Writing A Poem Using The Speed Of Light 8/27/2008
1738. Listen Carefully 8/28/2008
1739. Disappointment 8/28/2008
1740. Selective Memory 8/28/2008
1741. Period Of Adjustment 8/28/2008
1742. White Turtledoves And Marriages 8/28/2008
1743. A Poem Composed By The Lady By The Sea 8/28/2008
1744. Your Man Demands Virginity 8/28/2008
1745. Who The Hell Is Charles? 8/28/2008
1746. Dry Leaves Beside My Door 8/28/2008
1747. And I Feel So Guilty 8/28/2008
1748. Blend 8/28/2008
1749. Always There Will Be Something To Write 8/28/2008
1750. To A Country Of Infinite Dawn 8/28/2008
1751. You Ask If He Is The Kiss And Tell Type 8/28/2008
1752. I Sleep Late Tonight 8/28/2008
1753. Astronauts 8/28/2008
1754. Building The Sandcastles 8/28/2008
1755. A Love Gone 8/28/2008
1756. How Sad 8/28/2008
1757. Be Happy, Say Goodbye 8/28/2008
1758. And What Is Your Wife Doing? 8/28/2008
1759. The Witness 8/28/2008
1760. Chaos 8/28/2008
Best Poem of RIC S. BASTASA

' The Last Dance Of Your Life '


you don't really have to mind
what power do you have for it

when it comes
it comes
none can prevent it
from sitting beside you

the doctors are honest
and sometimes
too stupid to give you a promise
for another extension of

a hope that poisons the mind instead
and makes
our recent stand rigid and

for those who have seen the light
on one hand
sees death as
a welcome experience
in fact a festivity
another coming experience
another full moon
at the bay

another ...

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Feeling Lousy

Feeling lousy is seeing this lady laughing
She does her thing with confidence like she
Knows everything; what to do with this
Matter called
She knows her place and claims it as hers,
She tells you, you are never like her doing so well
In fame,
Glory, and

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