Ricardo Paolini

Rookie (14/9/1920 - 1/3/2006 / Jamaica)

Biography of Ricardo Paolini

Born in Jamaica, Ricardo Paolini is truly a citizen of the world, having lived all over the place, most recently in Colchester, England. Born a man, Ricardo always knew inside that he was not like other people. Eventually, he went to bangkok and was transformed, like a Caterpillar into a Butterfly, to put it poetifically. He/She enjoys a drink and a laugh with friends and Tazo collecting, not to mention Pokemon (and poking men) . Having lived to the grand old age of 86, his/her poetry is tinted with shades of his/her experiences, and it would not be wrong to say that here lie the works of one of the great geniuses of our age....

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Butter wouldn't melt,
Rain weathers a cliff face,
Gold burns brighter than silver.

But she still longs,
For the boys to shout,
'Figa' when she crosses the street.

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