Rookie (Riccardo was born on the 30th of September **** brodie was born on the 2nd of February 1994 / Riccardo was born in Brisbane and Brodie was born in Towoomba)


Hi my names Riccardo(code name with no code) , i love sport, music, dance and more sport. My best friend in the whole world is Charlotte, i also love this girl named BRODIE-RAIN! i guess i like school, though noone agrees with me.

hey my names Brodie-rain, i love singing, and i love writing poems. i sing songs, i have a pretty good voice. i lived in America for 6yrs of my life, and i have an accent. my best friend in the WHOLE world is my cousin megan...but she's in America. i have an amasing boyfriend named riley connolly, and i love him sooo much... one person who stands above everyone else though, is my REALLY good friend Riccardo!

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Being Sick

Oh know, not now, im sick again
why do i have to get sick before the big game
i wanna play soccer, i want to score goals
but how am i going to when i have sore soles (the bit of my feet)

Mother said to me 'you need medicine'
'Never' i repiled, 'not that taste again'
So i went to bed in pain and sorrow
Hoping that i would be better tomorrow

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