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I love history and find much of my material in its tales, or from walking about cemeteries, searching out the final resting places of famous or unique individuals. I also look askance at life with sort of an ironic detachment, and this perspective is evident in my poetry. If you read any poems of mine, my favorites are 'St Francesca Of Assisi, ' ' ...

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knot Available 29 October 2004

Your poems are engaging to read unfortunately my understanding of mythology aren't up to speed. Alas...they are magical. :)

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Sean Peterson 02 March 2005

i was trying to figure out what the theme of your poem 'A Slightly Cynical Rondo' was.Can u tell me what the theme your trying to get across is

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Pradeep Dhavakumar 01 February 2005

You are a serious poet. Your poems are beautiful and powerful.

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Michael Shepherd 01 February 2005

Rich, I stopped commenting on your poems around 45ish because I was embarrassed at the 'embarras de rich-esse' of my praise... may I repeat, migh you fling modesty aside and persuade some publisher to give your work permanence? I know I'm supported heartily by many readers here.

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Anne Leaver 19 December 2004

Rich Thanks for your support and commentary. I've just started reading thru your work here. St F of A - a lady after my own heart. And I think Duluth is colder than Machiasport! Anne

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Robert Rorabeck 17 November 2004

Dear Rich, I should be calling you sir Rich, you are an amazing historical poetical genious of the classical tradition, yet many of your poems transcend classification. Not knowing it, I already have your Geode poem on my favorites list- i've just read over 1/2 of your poems, but its approaching 1 am here and i have work early in the morning- i will be thinking all day tomorrow of how rich and deep your poems are- its amazing that you dont have a book published, you certainly deserve one, and im sure if you tried hard you would be published- thanks for your praise of my own work- i've only had 1/2 your life experience, which i will use as my excuse for any short coming in my own poems, and i sincerely hope that a when i come down the line a bit that i can write as good and richly as you do- i wish i had the capability of recall which you seem to have- anyway, you're poems are great- Lenchen likes them and she's one of the top poets on the site- hope you keep writing and i look forward to reading the rest of your poems tomorrow- Also, thanks so much for comparing me to Lawrence Ferlingetti (sp?) - i love his work, but am not as familiar with it as i am with some of his contemporaries- Corso, Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burrows, but i read a lot of his poems after your comments, and he's a great poet, so thanks for the comparison- thanks again so much rob

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