rich soos Biography

r soos is a teacher, poet and musician, and has been published in over 200 print magazines. He has 20 books of poetry, including Somersaults With Life (2016) , Parting/Departing (2015) , Bringing In The Sheets (2012) . His books may be purchased at on-line bookstores, such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. His poetry appears online in Peacock Journal, Tuck, Leaves of Ink, Micropoetry, Random Poem Tree, Cuento, In Between Hangovers, and others. His video poems may be viewed on youtube. He blogs at

Many of the poems appearing Poem Hunter are from his best-selling book Selected Poems (2015) . The exceptions are the poem Ground - a recent poem published first on Poem Hunter, and the senryu translations of Emily Dickinson, all published first on Poem Hunter.

rich soos Popular Poems
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