Richa Tiwari Joshi

Rookie (17 September 1978 / Dehradun)

Richa Tiwari Joshi Poems

1. Night Is Purple And Black With The Shiny Silver Streaks Of Dim Moonlight 1/9/2008
2. Void 2/27/2008
3. Would You... 2/28/2008
4. She 3/12/2008
5. You May Never Know 5/4/2008
6. Love: Rich 8/14/2008
7. A Tribute To All Those, Who Were A Part Of My Life Once… 8/20/2008
8. The Day She Went Away 8/20/2008
9. Laughter In Her Eyes Will Never Die 11/21/2008
10. Kiss Of Death 11/21/2008
11. Kalpana 12/4/2009
12. Bhavini 12/4/2009
13. New Year 12/31/2009
14. My Wish 12/31/2009
15. Alive! ! 6/4/2011
16. Tiny Hands 6/4/2011
17. One Day.. 6/4/2011
18. Your Eyes 8/14/2008
19. Crow And Swan 11/21/2008
20. My Little Girl 12/4/2009
21. Small Gods 12/4/2009
22. I Love You And Will…... 2/17/2008
23. Choice 3/17/2008
24. Love And Money 2/28/2008
25. Bristles Of War. 12/29/2007
26. Shall We? 1/22/2008
27. Full Circle 12/29/2007
28. Mom 5/4/2008
29. Move On 3/11/2008
30. All Dreams 11/26/2007
31. The Sleepless Night Of Yesterday Was So Full Of You 1/9/2008
32. The Sun Will Shine Everyday To Keep Me Warm 12/14/2007
33. Life Is A Blessing And I Realize It Every Day... 12/13/2007
Best Poem of Richa Tiwari Joshi

Life Is A Blessing And I Realize It Every Day...

Life is a blessing and I realize it every day…
I realize it every day, when relish a good meal...
I realize it every night, when I enjoy a cozy bed...
An early cold winter morning, gives me the message that life is truly a blessing...
I am happy to feel the cold breeze
I am glad to have got a heart, which beats
Every day when I chitchat with friends and family & do insignificant yet human chores,
It makes me realize strongly that how blessed I am to be alive...
Oh lord I am grateful to be part of this universe & I am so moved by this overwhelming emotion that you ...

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Shall We?

It is again one of the days, when the soul is restless and the rhythm is uneasy
The pattern of thoughts pile one upon another and the mind relives the dream of last night
I waited for long at the gate of that last train and then touched you for one last time
You did not stop me when I tried to move on,
Why you’d let me go to that path of unknown when I could have easily rested in the comfort of your arms
Why, you did not say anything when I hanged around to steal a look
Why, you did not

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