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richard belis Poems

81. A Weird Love 7/14/2009
82. Unfair Death 7/15/2009
83. Unfair World 7/15/2009
84. Lennon Death 7/15/2009
85. We Should Be 7/15/2009
86. Yesterday 7/15/2009
87. Come Together 7/15/2009
88. Lonely People 7/15/2009
89. Sing A Song 7/15/2009
90. Be Mine 7/17/2009
91. How Can I Prove I Love You 7/17/2009
92. My Ever Loving Love 7/18/2009
93. My Heart Bleeds 7/21/2009
94. Paint It Black 7/22/2009
95. I Shot The Sheriff 7/23/2009
96. My Sky 7/23/2009
97. Life 7/29/2009
98. Who I Am 7/29/2009
99. The War 8/1/2009
100. My Apple 8/1/2009
101. My First And My Last 8/2/2009
102. Our Fight 8/2/2009
103. Pain Is My Friend 8/2/2009
104. I'M Gonna Love You 8/4/2009
105. Happiness And Sadness 8/6/2009
106. The Lost Heart 8/26/2009
107. One And Another 9/4/2009
108. She Didn'T See 10/21/2009
109. Cant Resist 10/21/2009
Best Poem of richard belis

The Future

The future only to be thought about,
Is ahead but not far as we would hope,
The future so cold but blessed too,
The future holds the lives of so many,
One mistake taken upon a person,
Can ruin a life or two,
But the future is the path ahead,
as other paths will make you go,
The future so close will hold,
your life in its hands,
so be holy for one slip,
can cost you your future.

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The Past

The past so far, can't be touthced again,
you first kiss, is the past,
Your parents young again, the past,
your friends young, the past,
Everything in your life will become past,
exept for one thing, your love,
Your special person you look forward to seeing,
Your love will lead the way, you just have to follow,
Your love holds unthinkable paths,

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