Richard Dates

Rookie (jan.29.1945 / Oak Park, IL)

Richard Dates Poems

1. Morning Commute 4/30/2009
2. Angst 5/1/2009
3. Mountains! 5/1/2009
4. A Creation Myth 5/1/2009
5. Obdurate 5/1/2009
6. Scumocracy 5/1/2009
7. In The Grizzled Gray 5/1/2009
8. Storm Song 5/1/2009
9. The Playground 5/2/2009
10. An Average Family 5/2/2009
11. Frozen Chicken 4/28/2009
12. Panarchy 4/28/2009
13. Many, Many Choices 4/29/2009
14. Messenger Of Spring 4/29/2009
15. Burp 5/2/2009
16. Silly Ducks 5/2/2009
17. Write About What You Know 5/2/2009
18. Flat Earth 5/2/2009
19. I Like Spiders 4/29/2009
20. Poetry Unread 5/2/2009
21. I Am The Easter Bunny 4/30/2009
Best Poem of Richard Dates

I Am The Easter Bunny

I am the Easter Bunny,
I really do exist,
And if you think that’s funny,
I’ll smash you with my fist.

I am the Easter Bunny,
And I come around in Spring,
When it gets warm and sunny,
And the birds begin to sing.

I am the Easter Bunny,
And I loath those little birds,
With eggs so gross and runny,
I hate them beyond words.

I am the Easter Bunny,
And I have a habit strange,
I like to take those slimy eggs,
And boil them on my range.

I am the Easter Bunny,
But I’m an herbivore,
So I take those crummy hard-boiled ...

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Messenger Of Spring

The first mosquito
Of Spring
Showed up today,
Harbinger of muggy mornings,
Sweating, sweltering summer days,
She’s a beauty,
Swelling her belly with my blood
But a swift swat sends this
Minute messenger of misery
Back to the future
Where she belongs.

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