Richard George

Rookie (June 1,1965 / Cheltenham, U.K.)

Biography of Richard George

I was educated at Oxford University, reading Latin and Greek at The Queen's College. The college's outstanding poet is Ernest Dowson.

I was awarded a Doctorate on the Roman epigrammatist Martial in 1994.

The following year I had a breakdown and had to abandon the academic life. The year after that the Muses came. Nothing has been the same since.

I have been published in nearly 50 different British small press magazines and have two full-length collections of poetry. More than half the poems on this website are new and will belong to a third.

I am also working on verse translations of the Roman satirist Juvenal and Greek epigrams from the Palatine Anthology.

I live in St.Albans, near London, with my widowed mother. We enjoy feeding grey squirrels.

Richard George's Works:

Vertigo Swimming (Baikal Press, St.Albans; 2004) .
A Pocket Of Mice (Baikal Press, St.Albans; 2006) . Updates


My father lives in my dreams now:
In death he is half a stranger,
Professional, like my doctor.
He has left me behind, moved on.

So I retire, as he did,
To hobbies and memorabilia.
I cultivate his short fuse,
His humour, his generosity:

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