Richard Israel

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Biography of Richard Israel

i am reliable, self motivated. my way of life are spirituality + philosophy which is real me. i possess a philosophical and spirituality eyes in viewing things of life.i believe in egalitarianism. am a young writer to say. i have number articles for a quarterly magazine, the spectacle. writing for the Nigeria alert. i write at my leisure time, if there is any at all. am a moralist. i believe in individual living in such a way that does not affect people around them

Richard Israel's Works:

fundamental formulae for oral English Updates

Emissaries Of Shame

The city groans and wails everyday of the untold truth
Nature soul gasps and pants why brightness fades away from our city
Darkness forms her feet on the platform of our soul
We couldn't comprehend the future seeing in emptiness

At night our existence swing round to hold a breath
Promises overwhelm our better judgments, but starvation never
Stops finding her root in our land

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