Richard Israel

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Biography of Richard Israel

i am reliable, self motivated. my way of life are spirituality + philosophy which is real me. i possess a philosophical and spirituality eyes in viewing things of life.i believe in egalitarianism. am a young writer to say. i have number articles for a quarterly magazine, the spectacle. writing for the Nigeria alert. i write at my leisure time, if there is any at all. am a moralist. i believe in individual living in such a way that does not affect people around them

Richard Israel's Works:

fundamental formulae for oral English Updates

My Home

If i do not stand on my feet when the sun set in, till darkness choke the sun,
A bell will surely bang to lead me to a land, where sorrow is deprived of the right to live with man
Home! Home! Home! Home! Home! My soul shout. Home!
welcome home, home! a precious land, i set to go, my will i can not control
My home will i never abadone. Sun set not again and darkness breathe not again, I have set to say good bye good bye to setting sun.

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