Richard Jarboe

Best Poem of Richard Jarboe

Everybody Is Getting Out Of Town

Population, getting out of town,
Population, got their running shoes,
Population, wondering which road to choose,
Everybody's getting out of town.

They all want to leave; they would if they could,
But right now the road's no good,
If you're not crying, you might as well laugh,
While you're trying to get out of town.

Power plant, glowing in the dark,
Nobody sure, what set the spark,
They say the island is sinking fast,
Everybody's getting out of town.

Population, looking for a sign,
Whose fault is it, living on the fault line? ...

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One Earthquake At A Time

Upheaval can take millions of years to start,
Then mountains pile up and tear sea beds apart,
And when land crashes into land,
Things disappear in the sand.

The history of the world, written in rock,
Reveals results of the after shock,
Years of cracks show the sign,
Things change one Earthquake at a time.

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