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I inadvertenly became drawn to poetry and this discovery sparked my interest of trying to write some myself.

Every now and then, a novel idea would surface, and words would flow quickly and easily. At other times, an idea would come up, but the words wouldn't go anywhere for days. For me, it's the process of trying to translate fleeting thoughts or momentary inspiration into something concrete and coherent that is most fun and exciting.

The poems that I write, I write for myself, I write for people who might have similar experiences, and I write for people who enjoy reading poetry because of its ability to capture raw feelings and genuine emotions.

There's a lot that I have yet to learn, so I simply hope that you enjoy reading what I have as much as I enjoy making them. Updates

My Love

I wanted you to be mine.
I wanted you to know that you were my sunshine.
My friends told me you were more like a landmine.
I didn't care.
I didn't mind.
Your voice, your smile,
They would make everything suddenly seem fine.
Like a fool I kept waiting, hoping that slowly what you'd find
Your way to me.

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