Richard Le Gallienne

(1866-1947 / England)

Richard Le Gallienne Poems

241. To A Mountain Spring 4/14/2010
242. To A Poet 4/14/2010
243. To A Rose 4/14/2010
244. To A Simple Housewife 4/14/2010
245. To A Wild Bird 4/14/2010
246. To Belgium 4/14/2010
247. To Lucy Hinton: December 19, 1921 4/14/2010
248. To Madame Jumel 4/14/2010
249. To Mildred 4/14/2010
250. To My Wife, Mildred 4/14/2010
251. To One On A Journey 4/14/2010
252. To Ralph Waldo Emerson 4/14/2010
253. To The Golden Wife 4/14/2010
254. To The Reader 4/14/2010
255. Tobacco Next 4/14/2010
256. Too Late 4/14/2010
257. Two Birthdays 4/14/2010
258. Under Which King . . . ? 4/14/2010
259. We Are With France 4/14/2010
260. What Of The Darkness? 4/14/2010
261. When The Long Day Has Faded 4/14/2010
262. Who Was It Swept Against My Door 4/14/2010
263. Why Did She Marry Him? 4/14/2010
264. Winter 4/14/2010
265. Winter Magic 4/14/2010
266. With Pipe And Book 4/14/2010
267. With Some Old Love Verses 4/14/2010
268. Wretched Lovers Slain 4/14/2010
269. Young Love 4/14/2010
Best Poem of Richard Le Gallienne

Soldier Going To The War

Soldier going to the war--
Will you take my heart with you,
So that I may share a little
In the famous things you do?

Soldier going to the war--
If in battle you must fall,
Will you, among all the faces,
See my face the last of all?

Soldier coming from the war--
Who shall bind your sunburnt brow
With the laurel of the hero,
Soldier, soldier--vow for vow!

Soldier coming from the war--
When the street is one wide sea,
Flags and streaming eyes and glory--
Soldier, will you look for me?

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The Second Crucifixion

LOUD mockers in the roaring street
   Say Christ is crucified again:
Twice pierced His gospel-bearing feet,
   Twice broken His great heart in vain.

I hear, and to myself I smile,
For Christ talks with me all the while.

No angel now to roll the stone

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