Richard Le Gallienne

(1866-1947 / England)

Richard Le Gallienne Poems

241. The Lonely Dancer 4/14/2010
242. The Rose Has Left The Garden 4/14/2010
243. We Are With France 4/14/2010
244. What Of The Darkness? 4/14/2010
245. Time Flies 4/14/2010
246. An Epitaph On A Goldfish 4/14/2010
247. A Warning 4/14/2010
248. A Lost Hour 4/14/2010
249. I Meant To Do My Work To-Day 4/14/2010
250. Lovers 4/14/2010
251. Ballade Of Reading Bad Books 4/14/2010
252. A Ballad Of Too Much Beauty 4/14/2010
253. The Wife From Fairyland 1/4/2003
254. The Dryad 4/14/2010
255. The Décadent To His Soul 4/14/2010
256. August Moonlight 4/14/2010
257. Sunset In The City 4/14/2010
258. The Cry Of The Little Peoples 4/14/2010
259. A Ballad Of London 4/14/2010
260. The Rainbow 4/14/2010
261. May Is Building Her House 1/4/2003
262. An Ode To Spring 4/14/2010
263. Song 1/4/2003
264. Ad Cimmerios 4/14/2010
265. A Caravan From China Comes (After Hafiz) 1/4/2003
266. A Child's Even-Song 4/14/2010
267. A Library In A Garden 4/14/2010
268. A Face In A Book 4/14/2010
269. Soldier Going To The War 4/14/2010

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Best Poem of Richard Le Gallienne

Soldier Going To The War

Soldier going to the war--
Will you take my heart with you,
So that I may share a little
In the famous things you do?

Soldier going to the war--
If in battle you must fall,
Will you, among all the faces,
See my face the last of all?

Soldier coming from the war--
Who shall bind your sunburnt brow
With the laurel of the hero,
Soldier, soldier--vow for vow!

Soldier coming from the war--
When the street is one wide sea,
Flags and streaming eyes and glory--
Soldier, will you look for me?

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I Said--I Care Not

I said-I care not if I can
But look into her eyes again,
But lay my hand within her hand
Just once again.

Though all the world be filled with snow
And fire and cataclysmal storm,
I'll cross it just to lay my head
Upon her bosom warm.

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