Richard Merrell Poems

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A Word From The Foetus

'I'm warm and feeling safe
as I move around my room
everything is soft and gentle
inside my mother's womb.

The Servant Of The Lord

The servant of the Lord
Must be gentle to all men
Avoiding foolish questions
The unlearned do ever yen.


YESHUA is the Lord
YESHUA is God's Son
YESHUA is called Christ

Tithing Is But Dross

I used to tithe in years gone by
As to the church I went
I used to tithe in years gone by
And give my ten percent.

Satisfaction, Of The World

The satisfaction of the world
Is mainly what they can get
A house, a car, money in the bank
Or a fancy TV set.

God Is Love

Yeshua is Lord in everything
His blood cleanses from sin,
So, ask of him forgiveness -
A victory you shall win.

Ye Of Little Faith

I want to say, there's hope in God
To ye of little faith
Now little faith beats none at all
For little faith means safe.

Psalm 91: 1 - 8

He that dwells in the secret place
Of the Most High shall abide
Under the shadow of the almighty;
God shall be his great reside.

The Overcomer

Are you an Overcomer
Walking in victory?

Are you an Overcomer

My Fingers And Thumb

I have four fingers on each hand
And a thumb as well;
They speak to me of God's great charis
And this is what they tell.