Richard Merrell Poems

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Choose, Yeshua Or Baal

The sacred heart of Jesus
Can ne'er avail; in prayer;
But by faith in Yeshua's name
You'll know an answer there.

At Dawn

At dawn this I do see
Another day God gives to me,
A day where I must live for Him
And over sin a victory win.

Who But Thee

Who have I in heaven but Thee
There are none upon the Earth I haileth;
But Thee whom I desire
Though my strength and my heart faileth.


Death for the unbeliever
Is darkness filled with fear,
A place of shadows and wanderings
No peace can be found there.

Often Spoken Words

'Woe is me, woe is me;
I don't know what to do
woe is me, woe is me
how can I help you!

Not Just Letters

J is for joy a gift from the Lord
E is eternal, this is the Word

S is salvation in God's only Son

The Ten Percent Gospel Or Malachi Syndrome

Tithe, Tithe, Tithe!
Your money give to God
Tithe, Tithe, Tithe!
Will your God you rob?

Be Not Ashamed

Be not ashamed of Yeshua!
You Christian, when comes strife;
Or Yeshua will erase your name -
From the book of life.

Declaring Yeshua

The Spirit of God is Holy
Come to declare Yeshua's name;
To speak NOT of his own self
But to glorify Messiah who came.


The darts that Satan shoots
Cause me much grief and care;
But with the shield of faith