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Women Are Bad, Sinners

'Women are bad; sinners
They are rotten to the core;
women are bad; sinners'
I've heard this cry before.
For when men sin and fail
The excuse they like to give;
Is, 'That woman made me do it
she is to blame as long as I live! '

Now Adam said the same to God
After eating forbidden fruit,
'It was the woman that YOU gave me'
But he had listened to her flute.
For Eve was but beguiled
By the Serpent's cunning lie,
But Adam disobeyed God's voice -
The Lord he did defy.

Now, I'd like to ask all men
To be men if thou wilt;
Does God ...

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At Sunset

Today I was angry with the Lord
I swore, and in my sin
I knew all along it was me
Not Him who was wrong.
My countenance fell, and in pique
I said that which I ought not to God;
And yet I knew that I would
In the end, come seeking forgiveness from Him;
Which I did, and God asked 'Why blame me? '

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