richard (sean) scarbrough (james)

Rookie (04-21-57 / missouri)

Biography of richard (sean) scarbrough (james)

50 year old male married and living in N.M. founder of Poetry in Motion in Artesia N.M. Have some poems published still working on the the books

richard (sean) scarbrough (james)'s Works:

Toddlers Ten Updates

My Cat's Fur

My cat's fur is so soft, he'd make a wonderful glove,
I will wait until he's gone to let him show this love.
He purrs for me when he's happy and content,
I wish I knew just where it is he went.

I told him about him being a glove, just one you see.
He's not big enough for two at least not for me.
Now he's gone and I don't know where but I miss him so.
Surely he did not understand, surely he did not know.

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