Richard Todd

Rookie (4 April 1944)

Biography of Richard Todd

Primarily a music critic and photographer, I have a love of poetry that exceeds, albeit barely, my ignorance of prosody. I live in Western Quebec a short distance from Ottawa, the Canadian capital. I spend a lot of time outdoors whence come most of my photographic inspirations and poetic impulses. I also spend a lot of time in concert halls, but that's another story.

Comments always welcome and, remember, I'm a critic. Show me no mercy. Updates

Sleep (1961)

Out of the depths of the starry, shadowed sea
Where Truths appear, are glimpsed and drift away
I hear the restless, swirling call of a dream.
And the dreamer lies, silent in the dark;
Sometimes he reaches out for the hand of a friend,
But he goes on


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