Richelle Stutz

Biography of Richelle Stutz

I have been through a lot in my life though I seem young (13) . I was born with Freeman Sheldon Syndrome and I have had to undergo many operations. These experiences have made me more mature than your average adult and have given me a great outlook on life. I live in Michigan and I have been writing songs since I was 7. I admit then my songs were cheesy and not serious but with the will and experience my songs now have transformed. I only write about things that are happening or have happend in my life or things that I'm concerned about. I feel very strongly about plagarism and completely defy it even though it is so easy to do with the internet. If you are going to look over me because of my age don't. I don't know other people's opinions yet but atleast give my poems a chance. I work hard for what I believe and I prove it everyday. Hey, but that's just me. Updates

When You Know

I sit here writing poems
Expressing all emotions with only a pen
You though
Don't let your feelings show
So yet I do it again

Like a stunt master am I
You think I'm a nut
But I'm not trying to pull off a fantastic stunt