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1. The Most Beautiful Scent 5/14/2011
2. When I See You 5/14/2011
3. When I Sleep 5/14/2011
4. Awakening 5/14/2011
5. It Happens In An Instant 5/14/2011
6. Eyes 5/14/2011
7. Secret Treasure 5/14/2011
8. Kiss 5/14/2011
9. Love: The Bodies Mutiny 5/14/2011
10. Your Eyes 5/27/2011
11. Here At The Ocean 5/27/2011
12. Innocent Innuendo 5/27/2011
13. Love And Destiny 5/27/2011
14. Love And Fragrance 6/23/2011
15. M- Imagine 3/5/2013
16. Patiently I Wait 3/26/2013
17. M Please 3/26/2013
18. M 3/26/2013
19. Her Eyes 3/26/2013
20. I Will Find You 5/14/2011
21. Beauty 5/14/2011
22. The Small Of A Womans Back 5/16/2011
23. Illusion And Reality 5/27/2011

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Best Poem of Rick Berry

Illusion And Reality

Sometimes imagination is my only friend
Mind over matter, there’s no strings
With a leap of faith, interpretation speaks quietly
Without an audience, reality is but an illusion
Waiting for answers, charging forward
Faith carries its own club, weighted down
Gently it reaches, precisely engineered
Generations wait with flawed anticipation
Giving solace to the masses, ignoring the obvious
Without pretense, conclusions are discarded
Abandoned with care, loneliness gives way to hope
Respectfully declined, lost in vengeful victory
Where love triumphs and hope is a...

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How is it, that beauty can silence a poet?
When I first saw you, I was speechless
I denied my reaction. I pretended...

I pretended...
That I never sat in silence... staring at your photo
That I never closed my eyes... to sear the image
That I never breathed in slowly... to imagine the scent

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