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81. Let This Be The Last 4/8/2013
82. No Law When You Grow Up You Must 4/8/2013
83. How Fair If The Fairy 4/8/2013
84. Slow And Easy 4/8/2013
85. The Sacrificial Offering 4/8/2013
86. Have I Not Seen The Consequences 4/8/2013
87. Too Many Words 4/8/2013
88. Once Upon A Time 4/8/2013
89. Personal Articles 4/8/2013
90. Memories Of Pain 4/8/2013
91. Treasonous Words 4/8/2013
92. This Dream... 4/8/2013
93. Most People Seem To Prefer 2/8/2016
94. Physical Manifestations 11/19/2012
95. Rules Most Fit For The Breaking 11/19/2012
96. I Feel For You 8/3/2013
97. Exchanging Atoms 4/8/2013
98. I See You My Friend 4/8/2013
99. Angel And A Demon 4/8/2013
100. This Is What I'M Working On 11/19/2012
101. Full Of The Foulest Profanities 11/19/2012
102. Dream Sequence 11/19/2012
103. His Storical Moments 11/19/2012
104. Finding In Findings Lost 11/19/2012
105. I Got Lost 4/8/2013
106. Downsizing 4/8/2013
107. Breach Of Contract 11/19/2012
108. Thank Yous And No Thank Yous 4/8/2013

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Thank Yous And No Thank Yous

Thank yous
and no thank yous
such simple little words
with so much
where do I draw the line?
how do I express
how grateful I am?
so happy to be
so happy to share
so happy to care
and so sad
with so many tears just waiting
right beneath the surface
and so much laughter
bubbling free
even when I know
there's no reason
I'd ever be able to explain
to anyone who does not
what a miracle it is to be
here, now, this very moment
full of love
and full of life
from excruciating pain
free from ...

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