Rikki Musulin

Biography of Rikki Musulin

Hey my name is Rikki, I'm 15 years old.
I love writing poetry.. It's just something I like
to do when I'm up late. The reason why I think I like poetry so much is because it helps me express myself and lets me be able to write down all my feelings/thoughts. :)

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Un Describable

It all started one stormy night, everything dint feel quite alright.
But this girl had a smile on her face like everything is okay,
but deep inside she wants to run away. No one will understand
the way she feels, so shes just hoping for a place where this can all just heal.

This pain she feels is un describable, So shes just looking for someone reliable.
Someone that's not gonna make her feel down, but will boost her confidence
all the way around.

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