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Rin Kathy Poems

1. The Writer 6/23/2009
2. If 6/23/2009
3. The Last Words, The Crule Words 6/23/2009
4. Knocking 6/23/2009
5. Three By Three Shall Save You 6/24/2009
6. Wizards And Such 6/24/2009
7. Me, Us, And You 6/24/2009
8. Wings Of Wrong 6/24/2009
9. Dusted Gold 6/24/2009
10. Fire 6/24/2009
11. Life 6/24/2009
12. Just Because I'M Me 6/24/2009
13. In The Ship Comes Sailing 6/24/2009
14. A Goodbye 6/24/2009
15. Sunset 6/24/2009
16. Ode To Rain 6/25/2009
17. We Will Dance 6/25/2009
18. Popular 6/27/2009
19. Waiting Out Winter's Weather 6/27/2009
20. Daydream 6/27/2009
21. What I'Ve Always Wanted 6/27/2009
22. Unrelated Twins 6/23/2009
Best Poem of Rin Kathy

Unrelated Twins

At the end of the earth
We met
Shyly we shook hands
Our gazes met
And we see a likeliness
Each other is like ourselves
The one who made us made us twins
A girl and a boy
Reality and fantasy
I see myself in you
And you in me
As we talked
Time went on
The day passed by
You and I
Have yet to part
Like to puzzle pieces
Once separated
Now together
Yet, soon to again be apart
Me and you
You and I
Watch the sunset
And together walked
Back to earth

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The Writer

Deep in thought,
Are you
Yes, I know that one,
In the corner,
Pondering the universe,
The one who randomly smiles,
I know why but no one else,
Knows that it is each new

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