Rinchen Dhendup

Rookie - 482 Points [Dhendup Rinchen] (12th July,1990 / Dechenchholing, Thimphu Bhutan)

Rinchen Dhendup Quotes

  • ''From my experiences I have been constantly learning that there is no greatest God than Humanity and no greatest religion than Kindness.''
    God is in you.
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  • ''A guy asked me, 'What made me mad to walk all alone in the woods? ', I answered, hmm! I went to feed my soul.''
    Food feeds belly, Nature feeds soul.
  • ''Wisdom is not attained by age, experience and not even by knowledge but by the righteous mind mastered by great soul.''
    Wisdom is of righteous mind.
  • ''If you wish to meet a person of your wish then you have to be the person you are wished to meet.''
    Will a ball bounce back if i throw it on a wall?

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Welcoming The Spring

Waving cheerio to the cold and to the dry
To repaint the natural world around
To beautify its cyclic epoch of a year
The three calls on and welcomes the spring.

Pleased to take on and begin its calling
The spring begins, begins with blooms and blossoms
With a promise to disclose the beauty of the nature
To please the bees and the ones who adore nature.

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