Rinchen Dhendup

Rookie - 482 Points [Dhendup Rinchen] (12th July,1990 / Dechenchholing, Thimphu Bhutan)

Rinchen Dhendup Quotes

  • ''From my experiences I have been constantly learning that there is no greatest God than Humanity and no greatest religion than Kindness.''
    God is in you.
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  • ''A guy asked me, 'What made me mad to walk all alone in the woods? ', I answered, hmm! I went to feed my soul.''
    Food feeds belly, Nature feeds soul.
  • ''Wisdom is not attained by age, experience and not even by knowledge but by the righteous mind mastered by great soul.''
    Wisdom is of righteous mind.
  • ''If you wish to meet a person of your wish then you have to be the person you are wished to meet.''
    Will a ball bounce back if i throw it on a wall?

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Thee, My Master Piece

You're the the most beautiful poem I have written,
Personifying my Verses even without dictions,
Giving my lines the Rhythms even without the Rhymes,
And giving my poem the blissful mood that remains constant.

You're the most soothing lyric I have written,
Written with the feels on the walls of my heart.
The Lyric that always opens my heart to sing,
And touches me even without the tune.

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