Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

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Risha Ahmed (12 yrs) Poems

81. (139) Happy New Year 12/22/2008
82. (141) The Atrocious Alarm Clock. 1/6/2009
83. My Top Secret 3/21/2007
84. (125) Enough Is Enough! 4/29/2008
85. (001) Where Is The Time! 11/9/2009
86. (138) Weird Things Kids Say 11/24/2008
87. (029) The World Ahead 9/28/2006
88. (148) I Forgot To Rhyme! 9/21/2009
89. (012) Lo And Behold, I Present My 100th Poem Today 10/29/2007
90. (136) A Child Friendly World 11/8/2008
91. (133) Guess, What I Am Good At? ? ? 9/14/2008
92. (153) Happy Birthday Ma'Am 8/18/2010
93. (072) Still I Love My Sister….Fiza 8/28/2007
94. (044) The Night 10/7/2006
95. (076) Who Is The Light 1/29/2007
96. Snow Man 11/5/2006
97. (137) Kid's Truth Lands Pop In Soup 11/23/2008
98. (128) My Very First Murder 4/10/2008
99. No Wink...........No Blink 3/27/2007
100. (024) A Day From A Plant's Life 9/20/2007
101. (114) View Of The Sun 10/19/2007
102. Pizza-What A Treat 4/25/2007
103. Congratulations Ma'Am 9/30/2006
104. (034) Nature 9/28/2006
105. (147) Song Song Go Away! 6/24/2009
106. (067) Life 9/28/2006
107. (135) So You Think You Are Fat? 11/3/2008
108. (033) Ice Cream 10/8/2006
109. (145) Bad Hair Day! ! ! 2/26/2009
110. Chocolate-Chocolate 6/30/2007
111. (019) The Day I Ran Out Of Luck 7/5/2007
112. (132) Goodbye 10...... 8/20/2008
113. (021) My Luck Abandoned Me 7/19/2008
114. (027) My Mood Swings…… 4/1/2007
115. Monsoon Rains Are Here 6/20/2007
116. (091) Cotton Candy 12/14/2006
117. (026) Topsy Turvy House.......(My Favourite) 9/28/2006
118. (046) Boys And Girls 10/8/2006
119. (015) This Baby Is Wonderful. 8/12/2007
120. (020) About A Tree 10/10/2006

Comments about Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

  • Thomas Clayton Wolfe (1900-1938) (11/3/2007 4:25:00 PM)

    If you really are 10 years old, you deserve a lot of praise for the effort you put in because it is way more than the effort a lot of adults put in on Poemhunter. I wish you the best in your writing. Always remember to follow your own writing path and follow instinct. I read a few of your poems today and I enjoyed the carefree nature relayed within. I am sure your parents must be proud of your writing. Good luck.

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  • Dr John Celes Dr John Celes (4/22/2007 4:40:00 PM)

    Dear Risha,
    Keep up your GOOD WORK, God bless you and make you a famous YOUNG POET soon! Wait for that moment. 'Tis all in God's Hands.
    Dr John Celes

  • Andrew mark Wilkinson (3/15/2007 3:53:00 PM)

    Risha Ahmed... You are without doubt a talented little lady indeed... i have taken my time and read all your poems, from start to finish... and for a nine year old, well you are amazing... Risha... Your family must be rightly proud of such a little angel... may you spend all your life, writing such great poetry Risha... andrew

  • Rasheed Alqahas (11/13/2006 10:05:00 PM)

    o my granddaughter, how nice your poems are, i read some, it is very very beautiful, you will be agrand poet in the future.

Best Poem of Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

If I Were A..............?

If I were a rabbit
I would hop all around
I would nibble carrots
Without making a sound
If I were a lion
And even if I was full of might
As I was defeated by an ant
So I am on a vegetarian diet
If I were a fish
I will swim in the water
I won’t dare come out
Because then it will be hotter
If I were a horse
I would participate in races
And secure the first place
And look at happy faces
If I were a giraffe
I would have a view from the top
But I am still unlucky
Because I can not hop
If I were a kangaroo
I would hop around with a ...

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(078) Poison Seed

To make a poisonous seed
The things you will need
Are rotten cells from human blood
And things found in the mud
And cockroaches so red
And bedbugs from your bed
Powder of a sleeping dose
Cut the tail of a squirrel on tippy toes
That is what you will need
To make a poisonous seed

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