Rishi Kaashyap

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Rishi Kaashyap poet

A buzzing bee

is what I am

A clock is how

I do My work.

My land is Holy,

for Lush Green it is.

Our culture is rich,

for my land is where

history prevails.

my land is full

of Youthful hills.

My land is that

Furrowed by rivers.

My people are those

who believe in god.

My people are those
who are the god.

we all are folks

who sing & dance

Sing & Dance.

For half a grown

Palm tree I am,

I learn and grow

to serve my land

I am an Upcoming star

learning to shine


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Memories haunt in your heart,
Haunt as patches.
They nudge your inside
Neglecting your outside
Patches stain
Patches remain.

Patches on your heart
Are not of any kind.

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