Rita Pal

Biography of Rita Pal

Writer and Poet based in the United Kingdom

a. North American Poetry Competition 1997. Second Prize.

b. National Poetry Library Contest 1998. Runner up.

c. Faber and Faber National Poetry Day Contest 1999. Second Prize

d. Faber and Faber National Poetry Day Contest - Sutton Coldfield 2000. First Prize.

e. Jazzclaw Poetry Competition 2002 Fourth place.

Rita Pal's Works:


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Thief Of Light

In the days of spring roses; you gently kissed my nights,
You were gone when the summer breezes whispered gently
To the secret garden of delicate pink and scarlet trysts
Where rain kissed roses sparkled in diamonds at first light
Gently wrapped in star crossed dreams of silent wildfires.

You are the thief, who steals my summer suns,
You are the thief, who captures my winter’s slumber,
You are the thief who holds the lock and keys

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