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1. My Heart Was Tore Into Two 6/22/2009
2. You Learn To Let People Go 6/24/2009
3. You Don'T Love Me 6/25/2009
4. Hope Forever 6/25/2009
5. Rings Of Love 8/11/2009
6. Don’t Let Me In… 8/11/2009
7. Love Promise 8/11/2009
8. It's Windy Again 8/11/2009
9. You Closed All The Doors 8/11/2009
10. Had I Tried… 8/13/2009
11. Reward Of Love 9/30/2009
12. Benumbed 12/13/2009
13. I Wish I Cud Say - How Crazy I Became 12/13/2009
14. How Incomplete I Am 12/13/2009
15. Confession 12/13/2009
16. My Heart Isnt At Rest 12/13/2009
17. The Wish For The Day Is- Please Do Not Fulfill My Wish 12/13/2009
18. The Date On The Calendar 12/13/2009
19. Last Poem 12/13/2009
20. The Touch Of Soul 1/12/2010
21. If Tomorrow Am Not Gonna See 1/15/2010
22. Just Another Love 1/21/2010
23. Some Memories Of Life, I Have Lost- 1/21/2010
24. Job 5/11/2010
25. Dreams... 5/25/2010
26. Man Of Dreams 6/22/2010
27. Birthday 6/22/2010
28. It Was His Way To Bring Her Close To Him 7/7/2010
29. He Smiled 8/9/2010
30. Its Back 8/9/2010
31. Love Chase 1/11/2011
32. Happy Birthday 1/11/2011
33. Its Over 1/18/2011
34. Some Prayers Are Heard 5/5/2011
35. First Long Rains 6/9/2011
36. Mother's Day 5/11/2010
37. Missing Lines… 8/23/2009
38. A Second I Missed - 12/13/2009
39. I Adore You 8/9/2010
40. I’m Going To Miss You 1/11/2011

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I’ll Love You My Angel

I’ll love you my angel all through my life

Around the fire as we tie the knot
Our destinies will be linked with the wedlock
I’ll hold your hand softly in mine
Not for a moment I’ll leave you my wife
Blessed my home will be, with your divine smile
I’ll love you my angel all through my life

All the tears that flow down your cheeks
I’ll wipe them out with a tender kiss
Fears that cud have ever haunt you
I’ll hug them all to protect u
Never will someone look at my pride
I’ll love you my angel all through my life

I’ll make your life a garden of ...

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Hold Me Close

Hold me hard
Stay with me close
Take my hand
Don’t let me go
Look into my eyes
I look into yours
Call my name
Like nobody has called before
Wrap me in your arms
Confide me in your soul
You promise to be mine
I promise to be yours

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