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41. Someone I Once Knew 8/11/2013
42. Self Destruct 8/16/2013
43. Where Is The Reason 8/16/2013
44. Alive 8/17/2013
45. My Words My Strife My Life 8/17/2013
46. His Eyes 8/16/2013
47. Say ''I Love You'' When You Can 8/9/2013
48. Lets Say Goodbye 8/8/2013
49. What Is A Woman To Do? 8/8/2013
50. I Can Do It 7/25/2013
51. Memories 7/25/2013
52. The Chance 7/25/2013
53. A Cheater 7/25/2013
54. I Know Who You Are On Real 7/25/2013
55. I Live To 7/25/2013
56. Respect 7/25/2013
57. I Will Get A Life 7/25/2013
58. Home Means Family 7/25/2013
59. An Interesting Thought 7/22/2013
60. My Crush 7/25/2013
61. Society And Life 7/25/2013
62. True Love Will Never Disappear 7/25/2013
63. I Don'T Know You 7/22/2013
64. Imagination 7/25/2013
65. Sunset 7/25/2013
66. Love On The Internet? 7/22/2013
67. Free? 7/24/2013

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Love On The Internet?

Love on the internet, how possible?
I wasn’t looking for someone new
I was just browsing and seeking knowledge
One day I stumbled upon your profile
I got stuck, reading every word on your profile
Charming, stunning, sensitive and beautiful
I poked you and you poked back
We kept poking each other, and then we exchanged mails
Love on the internet, how possible?
I wasn’t looking for love
But how can I deny my heart of this butterfly feeling?
Your mails and stories captured my heart,
I resisted but my heart was willing to be captured
Love on the internet,...

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In a windy night
Stars twinkling very bright
And moon was shining milky
I took your hand so silky
A love wave travelled
Into my spine
I was feeling ecstasy
Without any drug or wine
I was lost in your kiss

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