Riya Gangwar

Riya Gangwar Poems

41. The Wind May Blow 7/29/2013
42. Frustration 8/2/2013
43. Not In My Presence 8/8/2013
44. Dare To Look 8/8/2013
45. Love Is Here To Stay 8/8/2013
46. The Wall 8/11/2013
47. Someone I Once Knew 8/11/2013
48. Self Destruct 8/16/2013
49. Where Is The Reason 8/16/2013
50. Alive 8/17/2013
51. My Words My Strife My Life 8/17/2013
52. His Eyes 8/16/2013
53. Say ''I Love You'' When You Can 8/9/2013
54. Lets Say Goodbye 8/8/2013
55. What Is A Woman To Do? 8/8/2013
56. A Cheater 7/25/2013
57. I Know Who You Are On Real 7/25/2013
58. I Live To 7/25/2013
59. Respect 7/25/2013
60. I Will Get A Life 7/25/2013
61. Home Means Family 7/25/2013
62. My Crush 7/25/2013
63. Society And Life 7/25/2013
64. True Love Will Never Disappear 7/25/2013
65. I Don'T Know You 7/22/2013
66. Imagination 7/25/2013
67. Sunset 7/25/2013
Best Poem of Riya Gangwar


Sunset is the time...
when the sun sinks in the sea
sunset is the time
when the moon is about to appear
it is the time when the clouds fill the sky
and by the time the sun says bye..they start to disappear
it is the time when birds to their nests fly...
going to their trees saying good night
some people are in love with that romantic scene
while it brings to some others a dreadful fear
some people think that sunset is the time for the end
and it reminds them of time of death..
as the sunshine is no longer there...
and this scene brings them scare
it ...

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I try to hide my pain with humor
Cuz' I think the pain will end sooner
Rather than later but,
All the pain is doin is sittin and festerin
Cuz' the only person I'm fooling is myself
And even I'm not totally convinced
So just stop this shit.
Let it out and let it breathe
Because that's all you need

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