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41. Someone I Once Knew 8/11/2013
42. Self Destruct 8/16/2013
43. Where Is The Reason 8/16/2013
44. Alive 8/17/2013
45. My Words My Strife My Life 8/17/2013
46. His Eyes 8/16/2013
47. Say ''I Love You'' When You Can 8/9/2013
48. Lets Say Goodbye 8/8/2013
49. What Is A Woman To Do? 8/8/2013
50. I Can Do It 7/25/2013
51. Memories 7/25/2013
52. The Chance 7/25/2013
53. A Cheater 7/25/2013
54. I Know Who You Are On Real 7/25/2013
55. I Live To 7/25/2013
56. Respect 7/25/2013
57. I Will Get A Life 7/25/2013
58. Home Means Family 7/25/2013
59. An Interesting Thought 7/22/2013
60. My Crush 7/25/2013
61. Society And Life 7/25/2013
62. True Love Will Never Disappear 7/25/2013
63. I Don'T Know You 7/22/2013
64. Imagination 7/25/2013
65. Sunset 7/25/2013
66. Love On The Internet? 7/22/2013
67. Free? 7/24/2013

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Love On The Internet?

Love on the internet, how possible?
I wasn’t looking for someone new
I was just browsing and seeking knowledge
One day I stumbled upon your profile
I got stuck, reading every word on your profile
Charming, stunning, sensitive and beautiful
I poked you and you poked back
We kept poking each other, and then we exchanged mails
Love on the internet, how possible?
I wasn’t looking for love
But how can I deny my heart of this butterfly feeling?
Your mails and stories captured my heart,
I resisted but my heart was willing to be captured
Love on the internet,...

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Life Is Over

Life is over,
the flame is out.
Feeling the cold,
and the doubt.
Here i sit,
my heart shattered.
One wish now,
that never mattered.
Love is gone,
sorrow is here.
All that's left,
is sweet despair.
Life is over,
gone forever.
Take my heart,
now or never!

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