Rob Clarke

Rookie (too many years ago / Canadia - so I must be Canadian!)

Biography of Rob Clarke

To quote John Lennon: 'I'm just a guy.'
In this case, a guy who plays The Blues.
And though I haven't the foggiest 'why'
It's seems today I wear poet's shoes.

Born and raised on the East Coast of Canada some 50 very odd years ago. Divorced, Two great kids, bothin post grad studies. Playing in a very promising blues 5 piece called BLUEZFERYOUZ. Harp, rythmn and slide guitar and lead vocals. Gotta great woman and, except for very uncooperative knees, pretty good health.

Got a cat - Matt The Blues Cat - he's my baby!

Been writing poetry since I could write anything at all but the last 10 years or so have seen me writing lyrics not poetry. Stumbled on this site whilst looking for the words to Nature by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Great Xmas poem) and I do believe I'll stay.
Rob Updates

The Neckers

A vulgar April moon leers down as
They stand necking carelessly in
The darkened, deserted schoolyard;
Enticing to the universal voyeur
And exposed to those so inclined.
Tongues wriggle greedily in and out
Of each other's desperate throats as
The zipper capitulates and the hand
Hurries down, seeking forbidden moisture.

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