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Biography of Rob Knetsch

My name is Rob Knetsch and i live in The Netherlands, a small country in Europe.
I am a musician, poet and artist. For more than three decades now i create music, poetry and art.
You can read about my music on the website:

I also maintain a blog which is dedicated to my artwork and my english and dutch poetry.
Once a week, on monday at 12 o'clock daytime, i post poetry and/or an image of one of my artworks.
The name of my blog is: " Of turmoil and quest" and you can find it here:

Rob Knetsch's Works:

Poetry book titled " 44"
Rob Knetsch has published the book " 44" in 2003.
This book contains 44 dutch poems written in the period between 1980 and 2003.

Rob Knetsch has also written books related to musical instruments. The following books are available:

Handbook polyphonic synthesizers
This book contains 170 pages and describes over 90 polyphonic synthesizers in detail.
It is a must for every synthesizer enthousiast and everyone who loves the " vintage synth" .

Handbook electronic drumkits
This book contains over 170 pages and describes 190 instruments in detail.
It contains detailed information on many electronic drumkits, handclap devices, trigger pads, etcera.
This book is a must for every drumming gear enthousiast and everyone who loves electronic drumming gear.

How to build the Lightbox
The Lightbox is a device that makes it possible to control a synthesizer by the use of light.
Play your synthesizer with theremin-like control!
This instruction book describes in easy to follow steps how you can build your own Lightbox. Updates

Somewhat Of A Somesort

Somewhat Surprised
We All Were When We
Got Closer To Try To See
What It Was All About
Somebody Arose
From Beyond A Distant
And Dark Forest
Behind A Dense Fog
Somehow It Was
Unearthly To Discover
A Shaded Image Like
A shadow Of Somesort

'Somewhat of a somesort' © Rob Knetsch 2013

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