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91. The Transcription Of Meaning 8/29/2016
92. Dawning 9/5/2016
93. Blindfellow 7/4/2016
94. 'Seeping Through Into The Bubble' 10/20/2015
Best Poem of Rob Knetsch

'Seeping Through Into The Bubble'

all along
i was convinced
i always knew
at least i thought
that i knew, for sure
that this reality
my reality, in here
in my bubble
was real reality

but recently
it seems to me
i seem to become
aware of this other
this weird and ever
more horrible notion
that this, my reality
is not as real as it was
as it has been always

now the sense
is growing
the feeling
gets stronger
more and more
that it is like
a new reality is
seeping through
into my bubble

'seeping through into the Bubble' © Rob Knetsch 2013

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'About Men With Vision'

They are larger than life
They show power
They radiate control
They discipline

They construct the plans
They make the rules
They create the conditions
They execute

They have the vision
They see the future
They know the truth
They die

'About men with vision' © Rob Knetsch 2013

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