Rob Runnerstrom

Rookie (3-23-88 / Kenosha Wisconsin)

Biography of Rob Runnerstrom

I grew up with abusive parentes, they put me in alot of dangerous and adult like situations. I watched fighting in my house for a couple of years. They were always getting arrested for hitting each other. Then my grandmother came into my life as primary care giver. And that was the day I was touched by an angle. She has put in so much time and effort in me, it's quite overwhelming to think about it. Bringing me in to her home when I was being hit, when I overdosed on drugs and they had to rush me to the hospital, she was there protecting me. But more so then the protection she provided, she gave me love. Which we all can say that the best medication for depress is love. So I wrote a poem one day, and I thought it was good so I have submitted it on here to find out if I am just crazy or if other people like it as well.

Rob Runnerstrom's Works:

No books published only 17 years old. Updates

Sit And Stare

I sit and stare
my face blank
my face bare.

I have pain from head to toe.
I had only one thing, I needed to know.
Is this love, or lust.
For good or bust.

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