Robbie Squires

Rookie (7/10/1993 / Akron, Ohio)

Robbie Squires Poems

1. Carnival Minds 11/24/2009
2. The Life Of The Cheated 11/24/2009
3. The Crossroads 11/24/2009
4. Glass 11/26/2009
5. Chair 11/26/2009
6. Ballad Rocker 11/26/2009
7. The Worst Morning 11/26/2009
8. Never And Always Together 11/26/2009
9. Genius Animal 11/26/2009
10. Take A Trip With Me 11/26/2009
11. Loving The Loved 11/26/2009
12. What Feelings? 11/26/2009
13. Stupid Genius 11/26/2009
14. Breaking Civilization 11/26/2009
15. Our Demise 11/26/2009
16. The Last Day 11/26/2009
17. Pain 11/26/2009
18. The Symphony Of Insanity 11/26/2009
19. Ministers Demise 11/26/2009
20. Love Or Hate 11/26/2009
21. The Strong Man Dies First 11/26/2009
22. Marijuana Money Maker 11/27/2009
23. Rachel 11/27/2009
24. Secret Lives 1/10/2010
25. Ride Out 1/10/2010
26. Is It Heaven Or Is It Hell? 1/10/2010
27. Vacant Lots 1/10/2010
28. Shes Still Arount (Were Still Apart) 1/30/2010
29. Anything For Me 1/30/2010
30. Come My Son 1/30/2010
31. Fade To Black 1/30/2010
32. Given Up Hope 12/10/2009
33. Tell Me That There Is Nothing Wrong 12/10/2009
34. Wishing Me Dead 12/10/2009
35. The Old Crying Lady 2/11/2010
36. I Don'T Need A Woman 2/11/2010
37. Radio 2/21/2010
38. Behind The Music 2/21/2010
39. Take Me Home 2/26/2010
40. The Beginning Of The End 12/4/2009

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Best Poem of Robbie Squires

After The Night

After the sunrise had lighten up the morning sky
I hung my head and began to cry
My girl was gone, left in the night
I didn’t know why, could’ve just told me out right
But it doesn’t matter now
Im all alone and she with someone that isn’t me
Last night, what had happened that night?
Did I do something that filled her with spite?
Or maybe it was just my nature
That drove her away from here
I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter ya know
Because shes not with me anymore
She was the warm air in the summer breeze
But when night falls that all leaves
She had ...

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Carnival Minds

Theyre sending letters to the fallen king
He cant read but he can sing
Like a blind man that knows where he is
Or a virgin that has 3 kids
Excalibur has taunted the beaten stone
Belittled, berated, and told to go home
The streaming moonlight flows into the church window
Nobody is around, this feat is unknown
They are all drinking at the saloon

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