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Robert Beksinski Poems

1. Until The Sunshine Goes Away 3/8/2008
2. Let Me Go 3/8/2008
3. Only You, Could Do This To Me 3/11/2008
4. In My Dreams 3/28/2008
5. Please Love Me 3/28/2008
6. My Beautiful Disaster 3/31/2008
7. Can'T Stupefy What's Mine 4/2/2008
8. Searching For You 4/2/2008
9. Don’t Get Lost On “i Love You” Blvd. 4/4/2008
10. Out Into The Night 4/13/2008
11. Just A Sprinkle Of Stardust Away 4/23/2008
12. Under A Rock 4/23/2008
13. Lay My Head Down To Rest 4/30/2008
14. Reality 6/15/2007
15. Love 6/15/2007
16. The Defiant Personality 7/11/2007
17. A Lonesome Fool 1/19/2008
18. Thee Bells Are A-Ringin' 2/13/2008
19. You Took The Wrong Direction Home, My Friend! 2/13/2008
20. Sun Filled Flowers Along The Road 5/13/2008
21. A Familiar Melody 5/13/2008
22. Lost In A Superlative Sweat 5/29/2008
23. Rendered Vocabulary At Its Finest 6/14/2008
24. Cupid’s Deranged Sense Of Humor 8/12/2007
25. It Doesn'T Age Like Wine 9/2/2007
26. The Warm Cool Breeze 10/29/2007
27. Graphic Human Nature 10/29/2007
28. My Artful Sin 12/11/2007
29. Breaking Away 3/15/2013
30. I'Ll Remember You 3/15/2013
31. The Merciless Home 3/15/2013
32. The Painful Yearning 3/15/2013
33. The Hour Of The Return 3/15/2013
34. A Home Reduced To Rubble 3/15/2013
35. The Pain Of Having One's Heart Broken 3/15/2013
36. The Undead 3/15/2013
37. Epitaph 3/15/2013
38. The Absent Room 3/15/2013
39. Here Is Where I Want To Be 3/15/2013
40. The Ability To Imagine 3/15/2013

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Best Poem of Robert Beksinski

A Journey Into Madness

The jagged talons of metal glistens
Staring at you through the eye that listens
Fear the lonely future for the unknown is here

Darkness becomes sanctuary as the lunatics’ footsteps near
Buildings crumble like crackers squeezed by the hand
Fires spread as God’s wrath purifies the land

Nightmarish objects keep up with the rapid eye
The clouds shed no light as the demons pass you by
Now you cry, cry in a corner when the truth is said

Dreaming without sleep, unexplainable presence in your head

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It’s hard to find light in the darkness,

Sometimes you get guided in the wrong direction.

Your sadness seems to become endless,

Nothing in this world can be done to perfection.

Mistakes in your life may lead to a conviction,

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