Robert Burgan

Veteran Poet - 1,275 Points [Wayne Roberts] (Chicago)

Biography of Robert Burgan

Robert Burgan is a Spoken Word Poet, Hip Hop artist and Singer-Songwriter from Des Plaines, Illinois. His main themes are life and death, coming of age, spirituality, transformation, and self help. He began writing poetry at a young age and has been doing it ever since. He has 9 albums recorded, has written hundreds of poems and frequently performs at The Green Mill in Chicago. Robert's main goal is to express his personal hardships and spiritual growth through his words. Updates

Porcelain Dolls

Life behind the yesteryear
Cracking frame of mind
Pictures plastered chronologically
Getting jumbled by the plaques inside
Slowly leaving present tense
Walking through the past on a tight rope stretched
Across the miles between reality and the things she hasn't forgotten yet
Somewhere in the middle
A brittle porcelain doll

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