Robert Eclipse

Robert Eclipse Poems

1. I Am Medusa 6/14/2012
2. Unanswerables 6/14/2012
3. No Sleep 6/19/2012
4. Love Of Shadows (Version 1) 6/22/2012
5. Love Of Shadows (Version 2) 6/22/2012
6. Lonely In The Shadow 6/22/2012
7. Haiku Hitman Vi 11/9/2012
8. Haiku Hitman Vii 11/9/2012
9. Haiku Hitman Iii 11/9/2012
10. Haiku Hitman I 11/9/2012
11. Haiku Hitman Iv 11/9/2012
12. Haiku Hitman V 11/9/2012
13. Haiku Hitman Ii 11/9/2012
14. Drinking Women 6/19/2012
15. Y.O.L.O 6/22/2012
16. A Freind In Drink 7/2/2012
17. Glass Vase 6/22/2012
18. Fear 6/22/2012
19. Eclipse 6/14/2012
20. Back Of The Car 6/15/2012
21. Lonely Road 6/28/2012
22. Invisible On The Concrete 6/22/2012
23. Nothing More 7/4/2012
24. A Boy's Love 6/21/2012

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Best Poem of Robert Eclipse

A Boy's Love

Why does she make me feel like this,
Is it how she flicks her hair,
Or how her eyes are oceans of bliss,
I can't help but feel its unfair,
As we've known each other such a long time,
And come so far down the line
I'm scared of these feelings
I've never had before
I dread it's...
It can't be...
But it is...
Love. I love her
But she doesn't love me
She loves someone else as i see.

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Back Of The Car

Sat in the back of the car
By night, glancing out
At every passing star
By day the trees as they
Pass as a blur, watching the birds
Fly free.

Deep in thought with a
Plagued mind, full of sorrows,

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