robert edwards

Rookie (january 2,1995 / cleveland, ohio)

Biography of robert edwards

Hi! My name is Robert edwards i like 2 write poems and lyrics. Which is why i like music so much.
I have seen a lot of things and they got me thinking and when i think i automatically start writiing potry or think into the future of how i could be a big star! People have told me(close people) that o need to get that ignorant dream out of my head and face reality, when the truth is who knows what reality is? My poems sometimes ask the the simple questions and some times create a story of something true or something that is interesting ill write rather its true or created!

robert edwards's Works:

i have no published books YET! Updates


they get noticed for this, they get noticed for that
where are the real people where are the hacks.
people dont care they follow along
they'll never listen
and always do wrong
sometimes i want to yell:
your going the wrong way
but if i do that
that will be my bad day

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