Robert Gilfillan

(1798-1850 / Scotland)

Biography of Robert Gilfillan

Robert Gilfillan (7 July 1798 – 4 December 1850) was a poet and songwriter, born at Dunfermline, Scotland, and latterly a collector of the police rates at Leith. He wrote a number of Scottish songs, and was favourably mentioned in Noctes Ambrosianae (see Wilson, J.). He was the author of the beautiful song, Oh, why left I my Hame?.

He published a 150-page book of songs in 1831, which garnered sufficient acclaim to spur publication of a longer version in 1835, and another in 1839.

This article incorporates public domain text from : Cousin, John William (1910). A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature. London, J. M. Dent & Sons; New York, E. P. Dutton. Updates

Fare Thee Well

Fare thee well, for I must leave thee;
But, oh, let not our parting grieve thee;
Happier days may yet be mine,
At least I wish them thine--believe me!

We part--but by those dew-drops clear,
My love for thee will last for ever;
I leave thee--but thy image dear,
Thy tender smiles, will leave me never.

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