Robert Hall

Biography of Robert Hall

I am a young boy and I love writing poems. I get good grades in English and in Social Studies. I also get good grdes in math. I enjoy science but some things I don't understand. My parents are devorced and both are remarried. All of my parents are just great to me. I have three brothers and two sister. Jimmy (step) , Michael (real) , Joseph (half) , Emily (step) , and Allison (step) . Their ages range from two till eighteen! So I get my share of things I can and cannot do. Now my mom is on here and I need you to read her work. E-mail her, Tisa Buis. She is great. I really want to please all of you who read my poems.

Robert Hall's Works:

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When you’re sad,
When you’re blue,
About something old,
About something new.

Not a boo-boo,
Or a bad name,
Something continues,
Something hard to tame.